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Rochelle Marie Adam

Join us on the corner for a new show and book launch. Debut book by Rochelle and publisher: Tall Poppy Press.

‘Sitting between the desire to leave and a love for those who’ve stayed, Before this comes to pass centers on the feeling of not quite wanting to be here but not really wanting to say goodbye. Rochelle Marie Adam’s debut monograph is imbued with love and care, attention directed to what makes each person and place worth loving, but also worth leaving. Like a buoyancy one gains only from cutting ties, the cities and suburbs shown are both comfortable but also empty: profoundly solitary and overwhelmingly lived in. Adam’s photos trace feelings of joy amidst an undercurrent of dread. As old friends become old friends, house mates because house bound and the suburbs now feel not just dull but desolate, Adam’s work shows the subtle details that point to closeness, the worlds we build for ourselves through the things we own and the visibility of our relationships

Yet far from hard or critical, those shown are always viewed as connected, loved and noticed: even as domestic life itself may feel worrisome, those who live it are always photographed tenderly and kindly, with conviction and respect. Adams’ work asks: what is the space between restless and settling down? What is the feeling between appreciation and worry? What do we make for ourselves when given the chance?’

Curated by Amanda Saker.

Rochelle’s Website

Tall Poppy Press.

TCS Windows first book

The Cornershop 2019.


The first publication from the corner, looking back at the shows exhibited in the windows throughout 2019. Made up of artist statements, snapshots of works in the windows and the photos themselves, featuring: Sam Stephenson, Sophie Gabrielle, Isabella Kerstens, Jason Koxvold, Tammy Law, Reece Beauzeville, Whitney Arlana and Jordan Madge.

Design: Sunny Lei

Printing: Deep House Printing


Edition of 50

112 pages

170 x 240mm

Binding : Wiro Antique colour

ISBN: 978-0-6488811-0-0



FondueShop is a collaboration between local literary project Fondue and Newtown window gallery The CornerShop.

Coming to you as a podcast, Fondue's usual open mic readings will be supplemented by three headline acts: Dan Hogan (fiction), Janette Chen (non-fiction) and Lucia Moon (poetry).
Also including reading from: Olivia Costa, Adrian Asher,  Lucy Cummins, Henry Chase Richards, Clara Rosc
and  Teaghan Alexander

Writers were invited to respond to one, some or all of the photographs from Wouter Van de Voorde's body of work, STORM.

Australia faced one of its worst bush fire seasons during the summer of 2019 going on to 2020, with around 18,636,079 hectares burnt. 
In response to this national tradegy, we teamed up with our friends at Rewind Photo Lab and a few artists we have worked with in the past to get a print sale up and running, with 100% of proceeds to be split between WIRES and FIRE RELIEF FUND FOR FIRST NATIONS COMMUNITIES.

Due to not meeting the deadline for FIRE RELIEF FUND FOR FIRST NATIONS COMMUNITIES, we decided to split that half of the funds between SEED MOB and FIRESTICKS ALLIANCE

We raised $2,200.00

Artists in order:
Jordan Madge, Otis Burian Hodge, Isabella Kerstens, Tammy Law, Jason Koxvold, Harry Culy,
Sam Stephenson, Whitney Arlana, Jake Mein