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The last jar of rosehip jam

January 2023

The following projects was supported by Create NSW

As a child, it can be easy not to see the value in some things, and instead view them as chores
or take them for granted. The last jar of rosehip jam explores themes of family relationships and memories, represented through the documentation of places, objects and repetitive habits. Specifically, I look at how
these memories change with time - or how my relationship with them develops over time. I
archive in detail the regular childhood family road trips we used to take
to visit my grandma, ‘Nana Albury’.

During the seemingly endless journey down the Hume, mum would make us stop off at almost
all the country towns, extending the trip to become a whole day journey. It was painful at times,
five of us crammed into a small sky-blue Ford Falcon with no radio or air-con... Years on, I find
myself wanting to stop off at all the same towns mum made us stop at. This once-arduous
journey is now one which I cherish.

I recreate the drawn-out drive in The last jar of rosehip jam, portraying the effect that time has
on the landscapes and country towns we stopped at, as well as my perceptions of them and my
relationships to the memories that they hold. This process of re-enacting childhood routines is
also a means for me to express my appreciation and love for my mum, Nana Albury and our
family’s countless trips together down the Hume.

I use a straightforward method of documentation to consciously observe my surroundings. Nana
Albury is asleep in her chair; the afternoon light punches its way into the living room, reaching
all the way to the back door. The last jar of rosehip jam hopes to capture these small fleeting
and understated moments that occupy us.

Poster by Lois Mortain-Chong