TAMMY LAW           


15.05.2019 - 03.06.2019

‘These images and photobook offer an insight into my practice-based research project that uses photography to explore the dualities that surround the idea of home: between presence and absence, permanence and impermanence and belonging and displacement. This work engages in the lived experiences of liminality from the perspectives of the transnational diaspora from Burma. Images of stateless environments and domestic and psychological spaces have been combined to comment on feelings of statelessness within the transnational lives of the people involved. The significance of the diasporic transnational network needs to be further elucidated, not only in terms of the political and peacemaking contexts that exist but also through ethnographic studies that investigate the multifaceted identities and sense of belonging in these communities. These works aim to develop new understandings of the multidimensional complexities of being a refugee, during a time of increasing displacement and familial upheaval.’