07.03.2019 - 30.03.2019

At the bottom of Laugarvatnsfjall mountain lives Laugvartn, a geothermal lake with a microclimate of its own. In October I spent a month living between the mountain and lake, observing the changing season.

The geothermal springs sit along the shore, beckoning people in with clouds of sulphur and bubbling pools. There is magic here, the healing properties of the sulfur calming the skin for those who enter and the steam that rises from the pool said to cure eye infections.
Within the waters due to the warmth of the springs, the trout breed twice a year. A phenomenon not heard of anywhere else in the world.
This is the place of ritual, the Sagas telling of the baptisms performed here long ago.
6 stones sit across from the naming pool where it is said the headless bodies of a king and his five sons were washed and prepared for burial before being buried up high in the mountains.