With Stitches by Tilda Mae Clarke


Occupying the hybrid space between documentary practice and personal narratives fleshed out through an evocative and ambiguous visual discourse, these tapestries function as both a documentation and abstraction of daily life. A chronicle of transient instants from the domestic to the sacred, stitched together with the incorporeal thread that binds two memories together.

Inspired by an autonomous, documentary impulse paired with an appreciation for tender aesthetics, the images in these quilts aim to tap into a sacral presence found in both temporal and internal psychological spaces. Referring back to the historical tradition of storytelling through woven illustration on grand tapestries, the narrative of these quilts favours a cryptic and elusive chronicle, calling upon emotional responses in place of linear narrative. Through an unfaltering representation of death and decay in symbiosis with intimate, personal moments enriched with spirit, these quilts summon the exchange between nostalgia, melancholia and the sublime, inviting us into a lyrical story suffused with play, peace, love and death